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A Swirl of Emotions

The Night Before Day 3

Last night I was sick, nauseous, turning tummy, churning tummy and I felt like my skull would fragment itself. I was miserable. I stripped my clothes to a bare minimum, leaving me with just my panties. (Stop imagining, like I said I was miserable) I don’t know what being naked would have done, was just searching for some sort of relief and I was irrationally sick because I low-key believed that naked = sickness be gone.

I would eventually fall asleep, wake up at 4:55 to turn off my alarm, and then wake up to my 5:00 alarm.


The morning started with road rage. I was piqued by the lack of consideration and basic sense that some drivers, [*cough cough cough* TROTRO] showed on the road. I even screamed at a driver while my sister held a continuous honk. I may or may not have implied that he was el stupido.

It is not as hot as it was yesterday. Still hot, but yesterday raised the bar, so now the hot days have to compete with yesterday. May the odds be never in your favour.


I am about to talk about something sensitive yet open. A topic that is addressed and then digressed.- Rape.

There is a rape culture here in Ghana, and in the world. I however am Ghanaian and so I will speak about Ghana.

Halfway through this post, I decided that thistopic didn’t need to share the spotlight. Read the full post here: That Rape Culture


I am sitting in the bus now. Should have been home a long time ago but I was with Maxwella and Alice. Singing Christmas songs loudly I’m the office, talking about things us ladies shouldn’t be talking about. *laughing face*. And just living in the moment. No obligations, no rush, no pressure.

Alice got us kebabs. She is the sweetest. We ate them contentedly. They became the spice to our conversation.

Let’s get back to the bus. Sitting alone without conversation gives me the chance to go over my day. Today has been a mix of two emotions: Anger and Ecstasy. Like a swirl cone ice cream. It has been an almost equal amount of each feeling.

During lunch at work, I was almost vexed to the point of no return but I’m really proud of how good I held control of myself. I didn’t allow this anger get to me on a personal level. I simply withdrew myself from the situation and that amount of self control yielded more than I feel would have if I had let my anger lead my speech and the situation.

I don’t have much to say about my day really. There was excitement and then there was indignation. It wasn’t the worst of days and that in itself is okay.

How are you doing?


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